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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Multiplying Choices!

You will note there are some changes to the right of this blog post. There are now more links there that will lead you to my book.

My three-month exclusivity commitment to Amazon’s Kindle Store has run its course and there are now several other ways to read Maximilian and Carlotta Are Dead besides using a Kindle device or app.

Most notably, the paperback version is now available. I realize I have done this totally backwards, i.e. releasing the “real” book a whole three months after the e-book has been out. But there it is. You can click on the appropriate links to purchase physical books from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

And for people who like e-books but just don’t want to use the Kindle, the digital version in EPUB format is now available at three other online bookstores:

  • Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Store
  • Google Play
  • Kobo Books.

    If your prohibitively preferred online digital book retailer happens to be Apple’s iBooks, well, you will have a bit longer wait—unless you have an Apple computer you can lend me for a few minutes. Apparently, the only way to submit an e-book to iBooks involves using an official app that runs only on Apple computers—or else to use an aggregator (a sort of middle man service for getting books out to various retailers) which, for a number of reasons, I have opted not to do. I want and expect to have my glorious opus on iBooks at some point, but given the hassle and the likely sales potential through that outlet, it’s not a particularly high priority.

    Sorry to go all strategic businessman on you. The bottom line is that I’m pleased as punch about finally having my book out there on real paper as well as in EPUB format.

    And now, all those people who kept telling me that the only way they would read my book was if it were on real paper… it’s now over to you.
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